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Mr. Johnny Poer June 30, 1933 - October 2, 2013


Thanks to Martha for submitting this Post Card.

Thanks for J.W. Blackwood for this photo.



Received a note from Johnny:
I am Johnny Poer. Had a great time working there as an air personality from 1950 to 1961.  It was special to work on the air with The Louvin Brothers, Vern Gosdin, Rebe and Rabe,
Baker Knight and many other great folks. I shared MC work with Dan Brennan at many Dixie Jamboree shows.
Developed friendships with Carl Smith, Johnny Cash and Sonny James. Carl just celebrated his 82nd birthday.
I enjoyed your website. If I can answer questiions or help you in any way please let me know.
Incidently in answer to one of the questions on the site, Joe never sang anything on the air while I was there.